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You’re an efficient person with things to do and places to be. You don’t waste time waiting around, and you don’t want to be stressed with planning to get someplace on time.

Little Countdown lets you know what time you need to get ready and what time you need to leave. It takes the pressure off of you from doing the mental math of calculating the time to head out the door, and you get alerts for all the little things you need to do before leaving.

Whether you're making your way to the airport, prepping for the day with the kids, or running all your errands before a doctor's appointment: Little Countdown lets you take your mind off the clock and gives you time to breathe and enjoy the moment.

Board your flight on time

Your flight’s tomorrow. You’ve got a million things to do before you go to the airport. You’re stressed out. When’s the right time to leave? What time should you start packing? Are you on schedule to make it to the gate before boarding?

Make your way to the terminal and get ready to take off without stressing about when you should be calling a car or what time you should be at TSA. After creating a Countdown for your flight, you'll receive alerts for Tasks you've entered like: when to pack, when to call a Lyft, or when to be at the gate.

Stop stressing about missing that last boarding call: Little Countdown watches the clock for you so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey 🚀

Master your mornings

Start your mornings on schedule and be prepared to take on the day. If you’re a parent, you know how stressful mornings can be: shower, make coffee, get the kids breakfast, get them dressed, pack their bags, pack their lunch, and finally rush out the door! 💨

The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, and setting a Plan to smooth things out gives you back the energy to enjoy the time with those you care most about. With a morning Plan, you’ll be confident as you head out the door that you didn’t miss things like: packing lunch, exercising, getting laundry started, or walking the dog 🐶


  • Alerts for Countdowns and Tasks keep you on track and on schedule
  • Integrated with your Calendar so you can simply start a Countdown from an upcoming event
  • Save and modify Countdowns you use often
  • Duplicate Countdowns so you can create different variations of Countdowns
  • Get alerts for upcoming flights from your Calendar and tap on the alert to start a new Countdown pre-filled with your flight details
  • Siri Shortcuts to easily hear your current task or Countdown
  • Get notifications on your Apple Watch

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