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Little Countdown app integrates with iOS Calendar

Latest Little Countdown update lets users quickly add new Countdowns based on iOS Calendar events

Little Countdown Calendar integration

Oakland, CA – A new version of Little Countdown is now available on the Apple App Store that integrates with the iOS Calendar. Now, when users begin typing a Countdown title, they’ll be presented with a list of upcoming Calendar events that they can select to start the Countdown with.

The latest version of Little Countdown (v1.3.0) makes adding new Countdown entries based off of iOS Calendar events quick and simple. When users select an upcoming Calendar event, Countdown will immediately:

  • Set the deadline of the Countdown to the time of the selected Calendar event
  • Set the title of the Countdown to be the name of the Calendar event

“It’s now even easier and faster to add a Countdown,” says Ivan Tse, creator of Little Countdown. “If you have a flight coming up in your Calendar, you won’t have to remember the time or flight number anymore: just let Little Countdown to the work for you. It’s a little thing, but we’re constantly working on ways to make it easier and simpler for users to use Countdown. We think users are really going to love this, and it’ll streamline setting up new Countdowns.”

To see upcoming Calendar events in Little Countdown, users can type a title matching an upcoming Calendar event when adding a new Countdown.

Little Countdown is currently available on the iOS App Store for $1.99.

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